Chef Maeve Rochford's deep passion for both cooking and baking are one-of-a-kind and her fans love it. Now everyone can have world class kitchen products in their home, designed by Chef Maeve herself! Explore Chef Maeve David Burke features our highest quality products in the latest styles tested by David Burke in his kitchen. Discover this brand’s heavy weight quality and restaurant tough materials from baking, to cooking food prep and more. You will feel like a Four-Star Chef yourself.
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Modern, ageless, feminine and chic – the Nicole Miller brand is timeless. Combining wildly imaginative use of color and non-conformist glamour these products are built to stand out and shine.
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Picture yourself walking the narrow streets and outdoor cafes in the historic Paris district. This complete line of quality bakeware creates a unique and enjoyable backing experience.
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Capturing the essence of Italian cuisine, the Saporito brand brings together a collection of unique and inspired cookware.
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The strength of Continuum Sales & Marketing is reflected in the array of services we provide. Our approach is unique in the field. What we do, no one does better, at more reasonable prices, or with a quicker time to market.

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Continuum Sales & Marketing is a developer and marketer of a wide range of consumer products, both Nationally branded as well as Private/Control branded

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Continuum has an extensive offering of National Brands with high consumer awareness and Private Label and Control Brands with great appeal.

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