AB1200 Compliance Information for Continuum Cookware

In accordance with California Assembly Bill 1200 and our commitment to transparency, we are providing information about the presence of certain chemicals in our cookware. 

For more information about chemicals in this product, visit https://dtsc.ca.gov/scp/authoritative-lists

Stainless Steel Cookware with Non-Stick Coating

David Burke GeoClad Hybrid non-stick products contain the following elements listed as a “Priority Chemical” on the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) Biomonitoring California Priority Chemicals list (CECBP).

Substance Name Authoritative List Name Authoritative List Link
Carbon Prop 65, IARC Carcinogens – 2B calsafer.dtsc.ca.gov/cms/candidatechemical/?rid=20806
Silicon Canada PBiTs, IARC Carcinogens – 2B calsafer.dtsc.ca.gov/cms/candidatechemical/?rid=21976
Manganese CWA 303(d), CDC 4th NER, OEHHA RELs, CA TACs, CA NLs, ATSDR & IRIS Neurotoxicants calsafer.dtsc.ca.gov/cms/candidatechemical/?rid=22077
Phosphorus CWA 303(d), CA TACs calsafer.dtsc.ca.gov/cms/candidatechemical/?rid=22181
Sulfur Prop 65, OEHHA RELs calsafer.dtsc.ca.gov/cms/candidatechemical/?rid=22104
Nickel Prop 65, IARC Carcinogens – 1, CA TACs, NTP 13th RoC , OEHHA RELs, CWA 303(d), calsafer.dtsc.ca.gov/cms/candidatechemical/?rid=22080
Chromium CDC 4th NER, CA TACs, OEHHA RELs, CWA 303(d) calsafer.dtsc.ca.gov/cms/candidatechemical/?rid=22098
Aluminum CWA 303(d), CA MCLs, ATSDR calsafer.dtsc.ca.gov/cms/candidatechemical/?rid=22073
Copper CWA 303(c), CWA 303(d), CDC 4th NER, OEHHA RELs, calsafer.dtsc.ca.gov/cms/candidatechemical/?rid=22101
Iron CWA 303(d) calsafer.dtsc.ca.gov/cms/candidatechemical/?rid=22075
Titanium Prop 65, IARC Carcinogens – 2B calsafer.dtsc.ca.gov/cms/candidatechemical/?rid=20822
Zinc CWA 303(c), CWA 303(d), CDC 4th NER calsafer.dtsc.ca.gov/cms/candidatechemical/?rid=22103
Nitrogen OEHHA RELs calsafer.dtsc.ca.gov/cms/candidatechemical/?rid=20435